When technology
meets luxury

in an electric flying pod.

With its disruptive design, e-nemo allows all those who live by the water to facilitate their movements.

At the crossroads of the maritime and the aeronautical, the technological advance of e-nemo provides an amazing experience.

Soon on Lake Geneva

The first e-nemo is currently under construction and will be launched on Lake Geneva. 4 pods will then be built in 2024 to be purchased in full ownership or shared ownership.

Photo : Francis Demange

Transport tray with digital moor

When e-nemo turns into a magic carpet, it can also become very practical for transporting luggage.

In the swiss media

Key figures

Length: 8m
width: 3m
Take-off weight: 1,8 tons 1 pilot + 5 passengers + 100kg luggage
Take-off speed: 7 knots
Cruising speed: 20 knots
top speed: 30 knots
Draft with the foils raised: 42cm
60 kHw battery: 40min in fast charge
Range: 55 miles


Alain Thébault


Alain is the world sailing speed record holder at over 50 knots on L’Hydroptère. He has been flying boats for over 30 years. He was the creator of Seabubbles, a proof of concept of electric hydrofoil shuttle; he is developing in parallel THE JET, a hydrogen powered shuttle.

Laurent Perrier


Laurent was the Technical Director of BlueSolutions, the Bolloré Group’s battery design and production entity. During 15 years, he has developed numerous projects: development and optimization of the « all-solid » LMP® battery, deployment of 7 car-sharing systems around the world, design of electric boats and stationary shelters for storage energy and most recently the design and creation of the 100% electric Bluebus 12m and 6m, as well as a robotic platform.

Steve Huppert

VP Sales

Over the past 25 years, Steve has held the position of Sales Manager in the yachting industry. During his career, he has successfully sold boats to retail customers, luxury resorts, and dealers across all continents.

Dimitri Despierres

Mechatronic HOD

Dimitri is working as Mechatronic Head of Department for American Magic, Challenger in the 37th America’s Cup.

Benjamin Muyl

Naval architect

Benjamin has worked during 7 years for Ineos Team UK, challenger in the America’s Cup. For e-nemo, he is charge of defining the foils and the flight simulator.

Antoine de Roquefeuil

senior advisor

Antoine was Admiral in the French Navy. As General manager of Magforce International, he has developped and exported patrol boats in african countries. Support of Alain Thebault’s projects from the beginning, he advises the e-nemo team, particularly for the homologation and boating safety.

press room

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e-nemo, le nouveau bateau électrique volant du fondateur de SeaBubbles

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E-nemo: un bateau électrique «volant» sur le Léman

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